Modern Data Warehousing

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Duration: 2 Days

Typically, when enterprises talk about modernization of enterprise data warehouse, most of the focus will be on the technology and warehouse platform – the database management systems, Hadoop clusters, clouds etc. While choosing the right tool/platform is an important factor for a successful project, however the greatest business value comes from the design and innovation of data warehouse solution, e.g. how this data warehouse solution allows collaboration between people to derive values from data; how this data warehouse solution automate and standardize data flow processes; and how this data warehouse solution can be integrated with other technology to future proof the solution.

  • Understand the concept and landscape of a modernized data warehouse
  • Step-by-step guide to build a modernized data warehouse
  • Integrate with the technologies involved
  • Introduction to Data Lake & Data Warehouse
  • Basic High-Level Architecture of Data Warehousing Flow
  • Data Warehouse ETL
  • Introduction to Data Modelling
  • Dimensional Modelling Approach
  • Building Dimensional Modelling

Hands On

  • Business Requirement Gathering Approach
  • Data Modelling Design
  • Building ETL Pipeline and Ingest into Data Warehouse
  • Acceptance Test Approach

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