CoE – Center of Excellence

What is CoE?

A center of excellence is a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area. Organization can setup a Center of Excellence for the efficient use of resources where everyone can use the center for research and provision the quality of their product and services to customers. It can also helps to bring together people or expertise from different field with shared facilities or resources.

In academia, this usually refer as “Competency Center” or a specific objective lab. Why do you need Center of Excellence or a Competency Center? As organizations get more complex, teams are often working in silos, not sharing their knowledge, despite the parallel evolution of various skills. COEs identify these areas and bring together internal resources so they can be shared among groups.

Here, we assist organizations to set up and establish their own Big Data Center of Excellence or a Big Data lab for Academia where they can gather their internal resources together and creates innovation solutions or designs for their products or sales. As for Academia, usually it more towards research, publications and teaching purposes. It gives a platform to the organization or academia to explore and adopt new technology tools, techniques, and best practices.