About Us

Who We Are

Quandatics Academy is founded in 2017 as a departmental spinoff from its parent company, Quandatics (M) Sdn Bhd, Quandatics Academy strives to promote learning in every country around the world. We offer practical, real-world-applicable upskilling programs to help professionals, students and everyone who are eager to learn and improve themselves to adopt the skillsets needed to thrive in the Big Data revolution era.

Quandatics Academy’s strength lies in our trainers who are constantly practicing their skills in real industrial projects. So our trainers will be able to share their industrial experience in addition to sharing their valuable knowledge and skills.

We provide training programs that encompasses Big Data & Advanced Analytics, IOT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Soft skills, and Executive Programs. Our packages were designed to embed our clients with the skillsets needed as well as trainings for professional certifications to thrive in the Big Data Industry.