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RapidMiner Master

Who Should Attend?

DATA SCIENTIST & BIG DATA TEAM attended RapidMiner Professional

Duration: 4 Days

This training is a combinations of 2 courses that make up the RapidMiner Master set:

  1. Data Engineering Master
  2. Machine Learning Master

Data Engineering Master

  • Build robust processes
  • Perform the most common data cleansing techniques
  • Process text data for data mining
  • Access web-based data
  • Use databases and Hadoop
  • Leverage scripts

Machine Learning Master

  • Cross Validation
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Ensemble Models for Supervised Learning
  • SVMs and Deep Learning
  • Model Selection
  • Feature Engineering
  • Time Series
  • Integrate R and Python Models

Data Engineering Master

  • Access Data
  • Basic Data Preparation
  • Build Programmatic Processes
  • Machine Learning & Validation
  • Advanced Cleansing Techniques
  • Scripts
  • Databases & Radoop
  • Text & Web

Machine Learning Master

  • Validation & Performance
  • Feature Engineering
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Model Selection & Scoring
  • Supervised Learning
  • Time Series
  • Python and R Integration

Register Now

Drop us your entry if you are interested to join this course.


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