Delivering Real-time SAP Data to Data Lake with Qlik Replicate

Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2 February 2021 | 10am MYT (GMT+8:00)

Today, data is used to help organizations to understand their customers and businesses. This drives the demand for making SAP data available for analytics purposes, but making these data available for analytics in real-time can be challenging. The typical challenges are:

  • Impact on database performance with third party analytics tools integration
  • Customization on SAP via ABAP for specific use cases are costly and time-consuming
  • Highly dependent on SAP consultants for new data-driven initiatives
  • Dealing with complex data types in SAP.

We help enterprises to make their SAP data readily available in real-time and ease external access by using change data capture technology to replicate data to a dedicated data lake or data warehouse.

With our solution, enterprises have:

  • Easy external access to SAP data
  • Low administrative overhead
  • Broad heterogeneous database support
  • Real-time integration with change data capture (CDC) technology
  • Secure and high-speed data transfer
  • Low-performance impact (Agentless)

Want to learn more? Join our Delivering Real-time SAP Data to Data Lake with Qlik Replicate webinar on Wednesday, February 2, 2021 at 10am GMT +8. Sam HK, Managing Director of Daltos and Suan Loke, Senior Data Architect at Qlik will explain and demonstrate these Qlik Replicate features:

  • SAP-certified agent to decode complex SAP data structures with metadata for replication
  • Automated SAP Data selection via UI from pool, clustered, or indexed tables
  • Support for SAP ERP (ECC), CRM, and custom SAP modules
  • ¬≠Maintaining SAP data integrity during replication and during CDC
  • Minimal performance impact on SAP system by adding support for RFC calls


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