Visual Analytics for Human Resources

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Duration: 3 Days

Visualizations are a hot visual trend in the world of information sharing. We want to make complex topics easy to digest, and people can really understand important facts and gain true insight. This is what makes HR department to adapt visual analytics – you need to trace the career paths for critical roles, uncover the lineage of leaders, and see how departments have developed over time.

In this course, you will learn to design visualizations that effectively share information and insights with others. This course will strengthen your understanding of visual best practices, and learn more about best practices for sharing information and insights. This course helps you to design visualizations that viewers can easily understand and use.

  • Understand the rules to create different types of charts using your HR data.

  • Feel competent in producing HR visual dashboards independently.

  • Design visualizations to inform viewers without misleading.

  • Effectively use chart types to answer specific HR questions.

  • Design HR dashboards and stories using visual best practices.

Introduction to HR Analytics

  • Human Resource Analytics
  • HR Analytics Maturity Model
  • Employee Lifecycle (ELC) Model
  • People Analytics Cycle

Basics of Data Visualization

  • Introduction to Basic Elements
  • Use the Correct Chart Types for Presentation and Analysis
  • Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Functions and Analysis
  • How to Share Interactive Reports with Others

Visual Analytics Process

  • Describe the Visual Analytics Process and its Advantages
  • Identify Ways to Design Visualizations so They Inform without Misleading
  • How to Share Interactive Reports with Others

Using Chart Types Effectively

  • Identify the Most Appropriate Chart Types to Answer Specific Questions
  • Identify Best Practices and Considerations for a Variety of Chart Types
  • Effectively Use Chart Types to Answer Specific Questions

Designing Dashboards and Stories

  • Identify Visual Best Practices for Dashboard and Story Design
  • Describe the Process of Designing a Dashboard or Story
  • Create a Dashboard or Story using Visual Best Practices

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