TIBCO Spotfire Beginner

Who Should Attend?

Business intelligence professionals and data scientists
Duration: 2 Days

This course is designed for the beginner Spotfire user. It is suitable for anyone who works with data – regardless of technical background as this course offers a general comprehension of Spotfire in a simple yet articulate way. Upon completion of the course, the user will be able to create dynamic dashboards with just a few clicks and be on the path to become a data storyteller.

  • Fundamentals and introduction to TIBCO Spotfire
  • Learn all about the Spotfire user interface, tools, features and processes
  • Learn how to do data exploration and data wrangling to transform and clean data
  • Create basic visualisations
  • How to configure interactivity in visualisations
  • Understand the options for saving and exporting your analyses
Module 1: User interface
Module 2: Methods to load data: Overview
Module 3: Types of connectors
Module 4: Data-in-analysis flyout
Module 5: Data canvas
Module 6: Data loading for offline files: 3 types
Module 7: NLQ (natural language query)
Module 8: Data transformation: 11 types

  • Calculate & replace column, replace value, pivot, unpivot etc

Module 9: Visualisation: 15 types + text area feature

  • Table, cross table, graphical table, bar chart, line chart, waterfall chart etc.

Module 10: Interacting with visualization

  • markings, highlight, zoom sliders
  • hierarchies
  • trellis visualization
  • aggregation
  • statistical measures
  • expression shortcuts

Module 11: Pages & layout

  • Page navigation
  • Multiple window display
  • Details-in-demand
  • Screen size auto detect

Module 12: All relevant property settings
Module 13: Save & export: pdf, image, powerpoint


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