Talend Big Data Advanced – Machine Learning

Who Should Attend?

Complete Talend Big Data Basics Using Talend Studio to Industrialize Machine Learning

Duration: 1 Day

Talend Big Data technologies combined with machine learning components enable businesses to deploy results of the ML process quickly in order to solve pressing business problems.

After this training, participants should be able to:
Understand the implementation of Machine Learning in Big Data
Understand and explain the concept of Machine Learning Application in Big Data
Solve real-life use cases with the help of Machine Learning

1. SMS Classification Use Case
▪ Monitoring the Hadoop cluster
▪ Exploring an SMS classification use case: decision trees
▪ Connecting to your cluster
▪ Creating an SMS classification model
▪ Testing the SMS classification model

2. Movie Recommendation Use Case
▪ Movie recommendation use case: alternating least squares
▪ Building a movie recommendation model
▪ Testing the movie recommendation model

3. Irises Classification Use Case
▪ Exploring an Iris flower classification use case: Naïve Bayes classifier
▪ Building an iris classification model
▪ Testing the iris classification model

4. Child-Care Deduplication Use Case
▪ Exploring a child-care use case and dataset: matching
▪ Setting up the environment
▪ Pairing data
▪ Building a matching model
▪ Using the matching model
▪ Merging groups of duplicates

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