RapidMiner Server: Web Apps and Deployment

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Duration: 2 Days
Training Date
  • 27 – 28 August 2020 (KL)
  • 14 – 15 September 2020 (Bangkok)
  • 26 – 27 November 2020 (KL)

This is a comprehensive course focusing on the RapidMiner Server product from the perspective of a user and an administrator. The RapidMiner Server is a collaboration platform for data science teams, a vehicle to automate recurring tasks and it provides options to setup up reports for non technical users as well as integration into existing IT infrastructures. Since every element of a RapidMiner Server web app is powered by a RapidMiner process, clever designers can create interactive forms that incorporate an endless array of functionality to accommodate various business requirements. This course is suggested for advanced analysts, data scientists and administrators.

  • Utilize RapidMiner Server as a tool for collaboration
  • Deploy analytical models built with RapidMiner Studio on RapidMiner Server
  • Automate and schedule processes
  • Manage access rights for RapidMiner Server
  • Integrate models into their business process using web services
  • Design and launch web based reports and dashboards
  • Create interactive web applications
  • Develop parameterized processes to interpret end-user feedback
  1. Collaboration
    • Sharing Data Repositories
    • Sharing Workloads for Process Development
    • Parameterizing Processes for Broader Use
    • Building a Process Library
    • Reducing Device Specific Bottlenecks in a Workflow
  2. Automation
    • Deploying Tested Models in a Production Environment
    • Scheduling Processes
    • Using Triggers
    • Turning RapidMiner Processes into Web Services
  3. Administration
    • Understanding Changes RapidMiner Server makes to Studio Interface
    • Navigating the Admin Console Web Interface
    • Controlling User Access with Roles
    • Managing Throughput with Process Queues
  4. Reporting, Dashboards and Web Applications
    • Exporting Results to Files
    • Designing Informative Data Visualizations for the Web
    • Creating Interactive Environments for Ad Hoc Analysis
    • Designing Web Applications for Business Users
    • Managing Model Results and Predictions with Web Apps

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