Introduction to Hadoop Administration

Duration: 2 Days
  1. Hadoop Administrator
    • How to become Hadoop Administrator?
    • What is Hadoop?
    • Significance of Hadoop
    • Core Elements of Hadoop
    • Basic concepts of Hadoop
  2. HDFS
    • What is HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)?
    • Reading files in HDFS
    • Writing Files in HDFS
    • Need for NameNode
    • Security features in HDFS
    • How to use Namenode Web UI?
    • How to use Hadoop File Shell?
  3. Loading Data into HDFS
    • Getting Data from External Sources
    • Using Fume to load External data?
    • Getting Data from Relational Databases
    • Using Sqoop to load Relational Databases
    • What is REST Interface?
    • Techniques to Import Data
  4. MapReduce
    • What is MapReduce?
    • Basic Concepts of MapReduce
  5. YARN
    • What is YARN Cluster?
    • Architecture of YARN Cluster
    • Allocation of Resources
    • Recovery Techniques in case of Failure
  6. Hadoop Installations
    • What are the various deployment techniques for Hadoop?
    • How to install Hadoop?
    • Installation Tips for Hadoop
    • Installing Hive
    • Installing Impala
    • Installing Pig
  7. Hadoop Configurations
    • Basic Hadoop Configurations
    • How to configure HDFS?
    • How to configure YARN?
    • How to configure MapReduce?
    • Configuring Hadoop Log
    • Configuring Hive
    • Configuring Impala
    • Configuring Pig
  8. Hadoop Clients
    • Overview of Hadoop Client
    • Installation of Hadoop Clients
    • Configurations of Hadoop Clients
    • How to install and configure Hue?
    • How to authenticate and authorize Hue?
  9. Hadoop Cluster Configurations
    • Advanced Configurations
    • How to configure Hadoop Ports?
    • How to include hosts explicitly?
    • How to exclude hosts explicitly?
    • Rack Awareness HDFS Configuration
  10. Security in Hadoop
    • Significance of Security in Hadoop
    • Main Security Concepts in Hadoop
    • Kerberos
    • How to work with Kerberos?
    • Using Kerberos to secure Hadoop
  11. Hadoop Jobs
    • What are Hadoop Jobs?
    • How to manage a running Hadoop Job?
    • How to schedule Hadoop Jobs?
    • What is FairScheduler?
    • How to configure FairScheduler to schedule Hadoop Jobs?
  12. Hadoop Trouble Shooting
    • Basic Hadoop Monitoring Techniques
    • Basic Troubleshooting techniques in Hadoop
    • How to correct misconfigurations in Hadoop?

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