Big Data Journey Flagship Program

Project Objective: Provide guidance and experience sharing for identified personnel in preparing them to be part of the team behind data anlaytics initiative in the future. 

An end-to-end training program to get your organization along with the big data era. 


Getting Started on Data Analytics

Big data analytics is a long-term journey for organizations to achieve desired business objective. A good starting will be your first step of your journey to success, idea stimulation to identify potential high impact applications is ultimately vital to kick start your big data analytics journey.

Suggested Course:


Data Warehousing

Design and innovation of your data warehouse solution – the greatest value generator in the modernization of enterprise data warehouse.

  • Concept of Data Warehouse / Data Lake / Data mart
  • Data Model Design
  • Integration with other technology


Data Engineering

Connecting to your data warehouse – data integration and task management to ensure a quality data warehouse.

  • Data integration
  • Data Governance


Data platform Infrastructure

Be your own data platform architect – understand and manage your big data platform.


Advanced Analytics

From data to action – An essential component to name yourself as data scientist. This is the part of “analytics” in big data analytics, extract valuable information using advanced methods to make impactful decision.

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Sentiment Analysis


Business Intelligence

Inspire and engage your audience with great insights delivering. You’re now equipped with all valuable information. Get ready to share them to your audience effectively using attractive dashboard and visualization.


Capstone Project

A customized project to ensure big data analytics is conceptually implemented and operationalized in your organization.

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