Design Thinking Workshop

Who Should Attend?

VPs, Executive and Management

Department Heads and Supervisory level

Duration: 3 Days

Design thinking is a mindset supported by a set of tools that gives us a powerful way to solve problems and unlock potential. Design thinking explores new perspectives on your problems and tap potential expectations and needs. New ideas are prioritized and roadmaps are created with convincing business cases. Bringing together a diverse team (People) in a creative space (Place), applying an iterative approach (Process) can deliver results and values beyond your imagination.

It complements our existing approach by focusing on understanding the human aspects of things — what our technology is, what it means to you and your customers. The technical features and functions themselves are not subversive, but its impact on people makes technology disruptive.

  • Through the interactive brainstorming sessions, company’s business pain points are identified, expectation defined, barrier surfaced as well as ideas visualized, discussed and proposed
  • Improved individual participation and teamwork
  • Improve employee innovative thinking ability
  • Ideas with innovative solutions are proposed and prioritized
  • The results are compiled by our trainer and PPT presentation and report for CEO after workshop


  • Ice-breaking teamowork games
  • Concepts, benefits 
  • Workshop introduction, workshop rules, team topics

Workshop Steps:

  1. Understand the main topic
  2. Define Stakeholders
  3. Brainstorm the expectation (TO-BE)
  4. Know the Current (AS-IT)
  5. Understand the Barrier (ONSTACLE)
  6. Innovate the Ideas (IDEATION)
  7. Prepare Story Map
  8. Prioritization and action plan
  9. Presentation the idea and plan

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