Data Virtualization – Your ‘Digital Transformation’ Game Changer


21 April 2021

9:45 am – 11 am

Data led digital transformation empowers banking, insurance and financial services organisations to shift focus from survival to thriving with competitive advantage in the market. However, given the exponential increase in the volume of data and the added complexity with multiple formats and mix of hybrid, legacy data sources, charting a digital transformation journey can get challenging. Join our session to understand how data virtualization modernises the underlying data architecture providing additional capabilities, without business disruption, enabling enterprise organisations to overcome the challenges with their digital transformation journey.

Attendees will learn how banking, insurance, and financial services organisations can benefit from –

Accelerated data projects – timelines of 6-12 months reduced to 3-6 months with data virtualization

Real-time integration and data access, with 80% reduction in development resources

Self-Service, security and governance in one single integrated platform – savings of 30% in IT operational costs

Faster business decisions – BI and reporting information delivered 10 times faster using data services

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