Certified Data Architect

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Duration: 7 Days

The role of CPFA Data Architect is to design, create, deploy and manage a Big Data infrastructure for an organization to store, process and enrich multiple data sources at scale, and to enable an effective data modeling environment for data assets management. In other words, the goal of this role is to create the data assets of the organization.

7 Skill Sets Required by the CPFA DATA ARCHITECT role:

  1. With qualified ability to design the data repository
  2. With qualified ability to deploy the open and proven Data Technology to the organization
  3. With qualified ability to implement Transfer-Transit-Transformation (3TS) on Big Data in the efficient and cost effective way
  4. With qualified ability to apply Extract-Load-Transform (ETL) not only on structured data but also on unstructured data
  5. With qualified ability to adopt the end-to-end data encryption-decryption for compliance
  6. With qualified ability to code unique data access models and APIs
  7. With qualified ability to manage data-asset driven projects, from proof of concept, data mapping, data modeling, to data assets 

The Deliverables of The Role

  1. The Data Assets on the new form of Balance Sheets
  2. The Data Repository
  3. The data access models in the extremely efficient manner
  4. The data APIs

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