Blockchain Technology For Government And Public Sector

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from both all government and public sector especially non ICT’s background

Duration: 2 Days

This short online course intends to provide a solid, foundational understanding of Blockchain technology to Government and Public sector audience in roles such as Accounting Finance, Strategic Planning, Human Capital Administration, Operations, ICT, Enforcement, etc.  Program participants will be exposed to what Blockchain technology is, its history, advantages and limitations, and use cases on how Blockchain technology is being adopted by government and public sector, as part of their digital transformation strategy. The knowledge and insights gained will be useful for program participants in their line of work, especially in supporting their own organization’s digital transformation program initiatives.

Participants will be able to:

  • Build their solid, foundational understanding on what Blockchain technology is and its key components.
  • Appreciate the capabilities and limitations of Blockchain technology.
  • Understand how government and public sector players around the world are adopting Blockchain technology for their own advantage.
  • Obtain insight on how to adopt Blockchain technology to solve their organization’s challenges through strategic partnerships.


Module 1. Introduction to Blockchain Technology

  • Understanding History of Blockchain Technology.
  • Describing Blockchain Technology’s Principles and Properties.
  • Exploring How Blockchain Technology Works.
  • Recognizing Blockchain Technology’s Limitations.
  • Activity 1 Attendees’ Recap and Assessment.

Module 2. Blockchain Technology Applications & Use Cases

  • Identifying the Big Players and Industry Trends.
  • Injecting Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Efficiency in Business Processes.
  • Activity 2 Attendees’ Recap and Assessment.

Module 3. Adoption & Implementation Strategy

  • Identifying and Prioritizing Challenges and Organization’s Goals.
  • Understanding People, Process and Technology.
  • Collaborating with Partners and stakeholders as an Ecosystem.
  • Activity 3 attendees’ Recap and Assessment.

Module 4. Group Formation and Assignement

  • Participants will form groups and assign specific use case for discussion.
  • The groups will nominate their group leader, presenter and assign roles and responsibilities to each group member.


Group presentation

  • Each group will be allocated 45 minutes to present and share their findings.
  • Each group will have Q&A with other program participants for 10 minutes.

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