Blockchain Technology For Accountants: An Introduction

Who Should Attend?

Anyone from non-ICT background who  involved in creating, executing, monitoring and ensure the success of cooperate business

Duration: 1/2 day

Blockchain technology is disrupting the way business transactions in the world are conducted today and the foreseeable future. Stakeholders are increasingly demanding service providers to be more trustworthy in delivering their promises, through the adoption of Blockchain technology as their ‘Trust’ engine, with proponents believing it can transform organisations to become more trustworthy, efficient and sustainable.

Blockchain technology adoption is also being fast-tracked due to COVID-19. Hence it is an opportune time for organisations to embark on Blockchain technology adoption as part of their critical corporate business transformation initiative in order to sustain their survival and growth in the current and future challenging business environments. This programme intends to provide a solid, foundational understanding of Blockchain technology to non-Tech business audience.

Participants will be able to:

  • Build a solid, foundational understanding on what Blockchain technology is and its key components.
  • Appreciate the capabilities and limitations of Blockchain technology for their own advantage
  • Understand how various industry sector players are adopting Blockchain technology for their own advantage.
  • Obtain insights on how to adopt Blockchain technology to solve your organization’s challenges through strategic partnerships.

Session 1

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

  • The history of Blockchain Technology


  • The principles and properties of Blockchain Technology


  • How Blockchain Technology works


  • Recognizing the limitations of Blockchain Technology


  • Activity 1: Recap and assessment

Blockchain Technology Applications and Use Cases

  • Identifying the big players and market trends


  • Injecting trust, integrity, transparency and efficiency in business processes


  • Activity 2: Recap and assessment


Session 2

Adoption and Implementation Strategy

  • Identifying and prioritizing challenges and business goals


  • Understanding people, process and technology

  • Collaborating with partners and stakeholders as an ecosystem

  • Activity 3: Recap and assessment

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