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Systematic Approach to Data Analytics

Systematic Approach to Data Analytics BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL involve in STRATEGIC PLANNING Duration: 2 Days Training Date 20 - 22 July 2020 (KL) 10 - 12 August 2020 (Penang) 19 - 21 October 2020 (KL) 1 - 3 December 2020 (Penang) Big data analytic is a long-term journey...

Monetizing Your Enterprise Datasets

Monetizing Your Enterprise Datasets C-LEVEL EXECUTIVES SENIOR, MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL SALES, MANAGER MARKETING MANAGE Duration: 1 Day This course prepares business professional ways to harness the advantages with ready available data from applications like CRM, ERP,...

Management’s Guide to Data Science

Management's Guide to Data ScienceCORPORATE ADMINISTRATOR, BUSINESS MANAGER Duration: 1 DayThis introductory course seeks to expose business managers and corporate administrator to the world of data science and its application to enhance business performance and...

Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

Introduction to Data Analytics for BusinessC-LEVEL EXECUTIVES, SENIOR MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL, BUSINESS ANALYSTS, DATA PROFESSIONALSDuration: 1 DayThis course prepares business professionals to gain competitive advantages with commonly available enterprise data from...