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Data Engineering

Talend Data Integration Administration

Talend Data Integration AdministrationAnyone responsible for the operation , deployment , or maintenance of Talend Jobs. Basic knowledge of networking and systems architectureDuration: 1 DayTraining Date 9 November 2020 (KL) Describe the Talend DI server architecture...

Talend Data Quality Essentials

Talend Data Quality EssentialsComplete TALEND DATA INTEGRATION familiar with SQL using TALEND STUDIO to access DATA QUALITYDuration: 2 DaysTraining Date 11 September 2020 (KL) To complete Talend Data Integration familiar with SQL using Talend Studio to access Data...

Talend Big Data Basics

Talend Big Data BasicsComplete TALEND DATA INTEGRATION using TALEND STUDIO to interact with BIG DATA SYSTEMSDuration: 2 DaysTraining Date 15 - 16 June 2020 (KL) 8 - 9 October 2020 (KL) To complete Talend Data Integration using Talend Studio to interact with Big Data...

Talend Big Data Advanced – Spark

Talend Big Data Advanced - Spark BatchComplete TALEND BIG DATA BASICS Using TALEND STUDIO to interact with BIG DATA SYSTEMSDuration: 1 DayTraining Date 17 August 2020 (KL) To complete Talend Big Data Basics using Talend Studio to interact with Big Data Systems. Create...

Modern Data Warehousing

Modern Data WarehousingPERSONNEL involve in DATA WAREHOUSINGDuration: 2 DaysTypically, when enterprises talk about modernization of enterprise data warehouse, most of the focus will be on the technology and warehouse platform – the database management systems, Hadoop...